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Perspective changes everything. What you do matters; why you do it matters more. Behind any successful organization is a mindset and culture focused on the why. Strategy isn’t something to document every couple of years, it’s something to live out and align to daily. There is a constant desire to challenge the “common wisdom” and seek something better. Successful organizations measure success a little differently. Behind every innovation is first principles thinking; the ability to peel back the layers and see things from a different perspective. Successful organizations employ people that seek that transformational mindset. 

Make Timeless Insights a part of your weekly challenge.

Find out why John L. says, “Jimmie has a knack for challenging the common wisdom and helping teams think differently about what success looks like.” 

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Transformation is a Team Sport

As you will learn in the book, transformation is more effective when tackled as a team with a purpose. Encourage your peers and teams to become members. The Timeless Agility approach will be piped into each registered email account to ensure everyone gets the same thought-provoking and actionable content.

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