Not every company has the opportunity to meaningfully and directly impact individuals, teams, and organizations in a way that makes their lives tangibly better. But we do.

Timeless Agility helps people think differently, and then use that mindset shift to transform how they work, and how they live. I believe that our personal and professional lives are more aligned than many think, or at least they should be. This idea is based on the notion that what we believe and value drives how we behave, it drives what we do. This is true at the office equally as much as at home. At the center of it all is our “why” because while what we do matters, why we do it matters more. This is why our slogan is Mindset Transcends Methodology™.

At Timeless Agility, we are deep thinkers. We don’t just ask “what problem are we trying to solve,” we ask is it the right problem to solve, and how do we know? We challenge the “common wisdom” of the world and strip away the unnecessary complexity. We humbly understand that we know very little up front and mostly work from assumptions that need validation. We ask “why” a lot, and help our clients and each other to truly understand why we are doing what we are doing. We have a different measure of success than most, yet one we believe is the most effective and fulfilling, be it inside the office or out.

Our Mission

Timeless Agility exists to help individuals, teams, and organizations develop a mindset and culture that enables them to continuously find better ways to discover and deliver the next right thing, sooner.

To thrive in the digital economy, organizations need more than just new ways of working. They need, as a foundation, new ways of thinking about their work and what success looks like. Timeless Agility provides:

  • Cultural (Mindset) Transformation
  • Management Coaching / Professional Development
  • Outcomes-based Tactical Agility

Yes, we “think and communicate thoughts,” but we also have the experience, knowledge, and skill to help our clients take the actionable steps required to transform their organizations, to develop personally and professionally, and to implement the tactics needed on the ground.

We have the opportunity to build something special. Organizations have chased one paradigm after another, falling victim to those companies that promise that the latest tactics and frameworks are the answer to everything. What has always been missing is the mindset shift that serves as the foundation for why teams do what they do. I believe we can help our clients create timeless foundations to build on that never wane when the latest paradigm shifts come and go. We can make a lasting impact on all those we serve.

Our mission for our clients is also our internal mission. We are not a “butts in seats” company simply looking to accumulate billable resources. The Timeless Agility concept and brand is the core of our business and needs to be protected; it needs to be lived out. It’s what sets us apart from countless other companies that operate in our space. Thus, we are picky about who we hire, and keep. When you work with someone from Timeless Agility, you are getting a fully vetted mindset that aligns with what you are buying into, and is capable of helping you achieve Timeless Agility.


Jimmie Butler
Head Coach
Timeless Agility, LLC